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Your BestSelf begins here.

Are you or someone you love struggling with a mental health or substance use disorder? If you feel like behavioral health challenges are getting the Best of you, it’s time to talk to our experts.

Community Behavioral Health Clinics

We proudly offer Community Behavioral Health Clinics that provide all of the services you need under one roof. This new concept in outpatient care is designed to produce better outcomes.

Schedule A Consult

Whether you know the services you need or you don’t even know where to start—you’ve come to the right place. Our caring staff is here to listen to your story and match you with the right services.

Children & Teens

If your son or daughter is facing a mental health challenge, you are not alone. We offer innovative, researched-based preventive and treatment programs that help children and teens become their Best.


Mental illnesses are treatable and most people receive relief with an individualized treatment plan. BestSelf is proud to provide personalized, evidence-based mental health services that are focused on you.


When it comes to keeping your family healthy and happy—we’re in this together. Learn more about the mental health services and support programs we offer for families throughout Western New York.

Substance Use Disorders

BestSelf offers a full spectrum of care for individuals experiencing problems related to alcohol and/or drug use—from counseling and medication-assisted treatment to relapse and prevention training.

Residential Treatment

The Lighthouse is a residential treatment facility for pregnant and parenting women and their children. We provide a supportive recovery environment that empowers women to live substance-free lives.

Recovery Connections

Provides mobile addiction treatment in the community. Treatment team includes physicians, nurses, counselors and peer support services.

Recovery Community

The BestSelf Recovery Community is truly a “center without walls,” actively expanding throughout the area to provide people with more pathways to recovery in more places.


The BestSelf Health Home provides free, comprehensive care management services to qualified Medicaid recipients to ensure their medical, mental health and substance abuse needs are being met.


Our Children’s Health Home provides free, comprehensive care management to eligible children and youth. Our care managers make sure kids have access to all the services they need to stay healthy.

High Fidelity Wrap Program

Partners with the family to create and implement an individual plan of care that supports and strengthens the family in order to maintain the child in the community.

Homeless Services

We’re proud to offer a wide range of services to homeless individuals with mental illness. Our “housing first” approach gets people off the streets and links them with the care they need.

Homeless Outreach Team

The Outreach team works with area shelters as well as actively seeks out this difficult population under bridges, in alleys, on railroad tracks, park benches and other places not meant for human habitation.

Harambee House

Everyone deserves the chance to become his or her BestSelf. Harambee House is a residential facility providing permanent housing to chronically homeless individuals with mental illness.

Vocational Services

We help individuals recovering from mental illness or substance abuse disorders with obtaining and maintaining employment. We offer a wide range of services from career counseling to job placement.


BestSelf Vocational Services can arrange a linkage with ACCESS-VR services. Learn how a state vocational counselor can develop an Individualized Plan of Employment (IPE) that achieves your goals.

Building Brighter Futures

BestSelf is dedicated to strengthening the mental health and safety of children at home, school and in the community. Learn how our Building Brighter Futures program keeps kids safe and productive.

School-Based Mental Health Clinic

Onsite counseling services embedded in area community centers, elementary and high schools.

Child Advocacy Center

The CAC works with law officials and medical, mental health and child protection professionals to help children and their families with a single, child-friendly, coordinated response.

BestSelf was awarded a four-year Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) grant to integrate primary care with behavioral health.

Primary Care & Pediatric Satellite Clinics

BestSelf is co-located at various primary care and pediatrician offices where we provide onsite counseling services.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

The DBT program at BestSelf Behavioral Health is the only outpatient treatment program in Western New York to provide adolescents and their families with a comprehensive, evidence-based treatment plan that includes individual and group therapy as well as on-call support during the course of treatment.

Helping Adolescents Decrease Negative Thoughts and Behaviors

The mental health professionals at BBH have received intensive training in DBT by Behavioral Tech LLC, which is world-renowned for its state-of-the-art professional training program. Our therapists offer compassionate, adolescent-friendly treatment to help youth and their families learn skills to reduce self-destructive behaviors and live more positively. The DBT program is highly regarded by local professionals, adolescents and families for its quality and effectiveness.

The DBT program is dedicated to treating adolescents who have trouble controlling their moods, thoughts, or relationships; or exhibit self-destructive behaviors. The program helps teens and young adults (ages 13–17) identify difficult beliefs and assumptions, then provides them with effective tools to shape a more positive response.

Program Features

Evidence-based practice

Utilizes a specific set of strategies that have been shown to effectively treat adolescents who self-harm, experience suicidal thoughts, or display other severe behaviors or feelings

Emphasis is placed on validation

Accepting uncomfortable thoughts, feelings & behaviors

Developing coping skills

Practicing mindfulness & relaxation

Enhancing family skills & environment to improve successful outcomes

DBT Can Produce Lasting Positive Change

Through weekly individual and group therapy and phone support adolescents and their families are taught a variety of skills to improve positive responses to negative thoughts and behaviors

Eliminate life-threatening behaviors

Reduce patterns of self-destructive behaviors

Increase motivation to change

Improve adolescent’s use of positive skills

Decrease counterproductive behaviors (such as substance abuse)

Decrease environmental obstacles to change (such as family communication)


Ages 13-17

Suicidal thoughts or attempts

Self-harming behaviors

Borderline Personality Disorder symptoms

Intense emotional instability & mood swings

Confusion about identity & feelings

Ongoing patterns of interpersonal problems

Extreme difficulties with family/family conflict



Lasting impact of traumatic events